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MAC Football Power Rankings: Huskies take the top spot, Western Michigan slides up to no. 3

Finally, the "what ifs" are finally starting to end! NIU's comeback win against UNLV puts them ahead of Toledo.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

With everybody finally getting our first doses of watching football last week (minus UMass), we're all set to start arguing over what the power rankings should be with our MAC schools because of what we've been able to see (minus UMass) as opposed to what we've only been looking forward to seeing (minus UMass).

These power rankings may or may not directly reflect everybody's W-L columns. Contextual outcomes and performances all went into our individual rankings.

Rank (LW) Team Points (First place picks)
1 (2) Northern Illinois 22 (7)
2 (1) Toledo 28 (5)
3 (4) Western Michigan 36 (1)
4 (3) Bowling Green 49
5 (5) Ball State 83
6 (6) Massachusetts 84
7 (7) Ohio 87
8 (8) Buffalo 102
9 (10) Central Michigan 113
10 (12) Miami 131
11 (9) Akron 134
12 (13) Eastern Michigan 156
13 (12) Kent State 158

Northern Illinois came out on top last night against UNLV after being down at halftime, but Kenny Golladay had a huge day to give Drew Hare tons of support: probably something to watch the rest of the way. The Toledo Rockets only played one unofficial half of a football game against Stony Brook where Mother Nature played a helping hand at giving the Seawolves the lead for over three hours, but a pair of scoring touchdowns from Damion Jones-Moore helped them get up to a 16-7 lead at the half.

Western Michigan: only one first place vote. Had they played the fifth-ranked Michigan State Spartans on the road in their 37-24 loss, I'm sure they would've gotten more praise for their efforts. it doesn't help that Jarvion Franklin had more rushing attempts than yards. Or that Zach Terrell got sacked seven times.

Bowling Green also played a ranked opponent in Tennessee, but on the road. They got the game fairly close at one point, but then they got lapped. Ball State had one heck of an offensive showcase, but they still let VMI put up 36 points.

Central Michigan was really impressive hosting Oklahoma State. They lost, but they held the Cowboys to 24 points. We're talking about a team that's your third or fourth pick to win the MAC West going up against your third or fourth pick to win the Big 12.


Voters: Alex Alvarado, Brandon Fitzsimons, Brandon Hickey, Keith Scheessele, James Jimenez, Kaleb Carter, Matthew Gritzmacher, Norman Miller, Justin Coffin, Russ Johnson, Chris Manning, Nick Fries, Matt Hammond