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Hustle Belt MAC Fantasy League: Big First Week For The Avocados

Every week, we'll break down the action in our fantasy league to see how each team is doing. This week, we had one close game and a few blowouts.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Week 1 produced some exciting action on the football field, but how did that translate to our fantasy league?  Well, let's take a look at the matchups

Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (Justin) vs Frumpy Apples (James)

Two rivals went at it in our first match-up with WMU alum Justin taking on CMU alum James.  It was a landslide, though, as James had to play Kyle Pohl with his top QB sitting out this week (Frohnapfel).  James' top player was Daz Patterson and his 14 points.  Nobody else finished with more than 5 (Mabon).

For Justin, he was bolstered by solid performances by Kenny Golladay, Corey Davis, and Joe Licata, who put up 21, 21, and 17 points respectively.  He needed it, as he started Kent State's defense for -11 points in a landslide blowout to Illinois.

Final Score:  71-24 KGBS over TFA

Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ) vs Firing Up My Chips (Nick)

This was a bad match-up, as neither team started a kicker or defense this week.  This really backfired for Nick, as Ohio's defense put up an astounding 19 points in their victory (behind 3 takeaways, a touchdown, and four sacks).  Another move to start Kris White over Juwan Brescasin also hurt him (though, that one was more understandable).  In all, Drew Hare produced over half of FUMC's points this week, putting up a 23 spot against UNLV.

For Russ, the trade to send Kareem Hunt for Joel Bouagnon and NCAA 14 was HUGE.  Not only did Hunt not play this week, but he's raved about NCAA 14's gameplay.  Oh, and Bouagnon put up 33 points this week.  That also was over half of the team's points, but Jack Milas and Rokeem Williams also put up 18 and 11 respectively to lead Russ to a Week 1 victory.

Final Score:  65-45 TERRY over FUMC

Tupandre Kileleni (Alex) vs Reece's Huff (Karp)

In our landslide of the week, Alex put up the lone triple digit score of the week.  Karp got good performances out of Reggie Bell and James Gilbert (15 & 18 respectively), but let's just look at what Alex had going for him:

Darius Jackson - 29 pts
Anthone Taylor - 22 pts
Gehrig Dieter - 19 pts
Cody Tuttle - 2 pts
Darian Green - 38 pts
Marcus McGill  6 pts

HE DIDN'T EVEN PLAY A QB OR 2ND WR AND HE GOT 116 POINTS FROM  HIS OFFENSIVE STARTERS!  He left 15 points on the bench in those positions by the way, but getting 11 points from Tyler Tate and 2 points from CMU's defense really helped as well.  in all......

Final Score:  129-59 AVO over Reece

Zippy Squad (Matt) vs Corey Davis Based God (Fitz)

And now for the close match-up of the week.  With Hunt out, I had to make a late move to get a new flex while bumping the smallest head of Ball State's three-headed running-back monster to RB2 (Williamson).  Surprisingly, he got more points than my de facto RB1 (Greene) and I needed it.  Matt Johnson got 25 points and Ryan Burbrink got 13.  However, the smart move came with starting Miami's defense, as they got 19 points!.

For Matt, he also started a solid defense in Buffalo for 18 points.  Getting solid performances from Zach Terrell, Jacob Martinez, and Daniel Braverman (20, 15, and 10 respectively) also helped, but not having a RB2 appears to have hurt Matt too much.  Also, having Robert Stein as your kicker doesn't help when his team faces Oklahoma.  Still, having the 3rd best point total for the week in the league won't get you many losses in this league.

Final Score:  81-75 CDBG over zSQUA

Next Week's Match-Ups

#1 Tupandre Kileleni (1-0) vs #2 Corey Davis Based God (1-0)
#7 Firing Up My Chips (0-1) vs #6 Reece's Huff (0-1)
#3 Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (1-0) vs #4 Double Fisting Pepsi's (1-0)
#8 The Frumpy Apples (0-1) vs #5 Zippy Squad (0-1)