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Helmet Stickers: Explosive Wide Receivers Headline Week Eight

In Bowling Green, it’s always Miller Time

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back everyone to 2016’s eighth edition of Helmet Stickers. This week was a collective “meh” of a week. Games were decided by an average of 15.5 points (though Buffalo heavily contributed to that average). WMU vs EMU was good early, boring late. CMU vs Toledo wasn’t really much of a contest throughout, and Ohio vs Nick Holley happened. By now, we’re all waiting on one or more of the following to happen:

  • MAC game of the century - Toledo vs Western Michigan on Black Friday
  • Toledo loses and we all have a slight laugh at their expense
  • Western Michigan loses and 91.67 percent of MAC fans die from laughter
  • Ohio somehow still wins the MAC East

Until then, here’s some stickers:

One Sticker

QB Nick Holley, KSU - For doing everything

NCAA Football: Kent State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the Flashes didn’t win, but what Holley is able to do without sustaining the sort of wear and tear that keeps many players out of games is incredible. He was featured on 70 of Kent State’s plays against Ohio, and he even punted the ball once. His final totals were 12/29 passing for 101 yards along with 41 (41!) carries for 159 yards and a touchdown. Being that type of workhorse for a team that may not win another football game deserves at least a fake helmet sticker for the trouble.

RB Jarvion Franklin, WMU - 22 carries for 114 yards, TD vs EMU
WR Antoine Porter, EMU - 5 catches for 80 yards, TD vs WMU
QB Brogan Roback, EMU - 29/45 passing for 319 yards, TD, Rushing TD vs WMU
RB Kenny Young, Miami - 8 carries for 118 yards vs BGSU
DL JT Jones, Miami - 6 tackles, 4 solo, sack, 2TFL vs BGSU
RB Dorian Brown, Ohio - 12 carries for 110 yards, TD
RB Jordan Johnson, Buffalo - 13 carries for 97 yards, TD vs NIU

Two Stickers

QB Gus Ragland, Miami - 22/35 passing for 215 yards, 3TD vs BGSU

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Kent State Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

How about big game Gus? I think that’s what people are calling him in Oxford, but I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. Ragland lit up the Bowling Green defense on Saturday, for the RedHawks’ second straight win. Sure, they aren’t the first and won’t be the last team to light up the Falcons on offense, but Miami seems to be getting hot at just the right time to maybe ruin some seasons. They’ll try to start with Eastern Michigan this week.

WR Aregeros Turner, NIU - Returned opening kick 97 yards for TD vs Buffalo
QB Logan Woodside, TOL - 23/32 passing for 264 yards, 4TD vs CMU
LB Robert Spillane, WMU - 14 tackles, 7 solo, TFL vs EMU
LB Malik Fountain, CMU - 13 tackles, 7 solo, 1.5 TFL vs TOL
WR James Gardner, Miami - 9 catches for 120 yards vs BGSU
DB De’Andre Montgomery, Miami - 7 tackles, 5 solo, TFL, INT vs BGSU

Three Stickers

QB Zach Terrell, WMU - 29/35 passing for 398 yards, 3TD vs EMU

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell threw his first interception of the season, but hey, nobody’s perfect. Number 11 went to the air against rival EMU when the ground game wasn’t cutting it, and the Broncos were effective because of it. The stunning thing about Terrell is his efficiency no matter the passing volume. He can give you 40 drop backs, or he can give you 20, and you’ll get mostly the same thing. This makes the Broncos very, very dangerous.

WR Carrington Thompson, WMU - 8 catches for 117 yards, 2TD vs EMU

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Akron Jason Mowry-USA TODAY Sports

Thompson had around 25 percent of his season long production against the Eagles, and is now second on the team in receiving touchdowns behind, you guessed it, Corey Davis. Thompson’s first touchdown on the day was a deep pass over the middle where he spun off a tackle and beat one more defender into the end zone, a much needed score against a game EMU team. The Broncos can do great things even when Davis is covered, as Thompson proved this weekend.

WR Cody Thompson, TOL - 7 catches for 122 yards, 4TD vs CMU

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Toledo Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Thompson has just 36 catches on the year, and he leads the MAC in receiving yards with 844. For perspective, Kenny Golladay is second in the league with 821 yards and needed twenty more catches than Thompson just to get there. It feels like with the Logan Woodside to Cody Thompson combo the Rockets can just score at will through the air. Central Michigan found that out, with Thompson scoring all four receiving touchdowns on the day.

WR Scott Miller, BGSU - 11 catches for 178 yards, 2TD

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Guess who was just added to the Biletnikoff watch list? Miller deserves it, and if you’ve never seen him play, one glimpse at his game log tells you why. Bowling Green may not be having the year they wanted in the win column, but they are the best scoring offense in the MAC East in conference play. Miller has a lot to do with that. He has 58 receptions for 798 yards, which is third in the league, and he’s gone for over 145 yards in a game on four occasions this season. He’s a big play waiting to happen every time the ball is snapped.

QB Anthony Maddie, NIU - 16/29 passing for 199 yards, TD, 15 rushes for 125 yards, 4TD vs UB

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Maddie had an average day passing, but that’s not why he’s here. He averaged 8.3 yards per carry against Buffalo and scored four touchdowns on the ground - five total on the day. Could you imagine what the season might have been if Maddie had the chance to start from week one? He is human offense, and scored all but one of the Huskies’ touchdowns on Saturday, spare Aregeros Turner’s 97 yard kickoff return to open the game.