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NFL Draft: Matt Johnson's underrated, but his deep ball isn't

In case you haven't heard, Matt Johnson led college football in yards and touchdowns on deep balls last season.

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It wouldn't be the first time a MAC Player of the Year honoree wouldn't be taken in the NFL Draft. Jordan Lynch won it twice and still never really made it with the Chicago Bears, and he was only going to be used as a running back for them too.

After being one of the nation's top passers and breaking multiple conference records, it's Matt Johnson who's not receiving much praise. ESPN released an article talking about underrated players heading into the draft, and it the 2013 MAC Championship MVP's name came up.

Since you need InSider access to view it, I'll just give you the skinny of what it said.

Cons: He's only 5-foot-11 (read: as tall as Russell Wilson); being an excellent product of Dino Babers' system doesn't mean his productivity will translate into the NFL; his arm angle is going to take a while to fix before adjustments become his new natural motion.

Pros: Despite the knocks of the offense he played in as a senior, it at least exposed Johnson's ability to throw the deep ball. On deep passes (20+ yards), he threw for a hair under 1,700 yards and found the end zone 20 times. Despite the low arm angle, he has arm talent to work with and grow into a system.

Pro Football Focus published an article two months ago saying just about the same things. One thing that they did add, to curb your optimism, was that Johnson was their second-highest graded passer of the 2015 season.

On the outside looking in, it doesn't really matter if Johnson gets drafted or not. Assuming scouts like him enough to invite him to rookie mini-camps, he'll have the exact same opportunity to make an NFL roster as just about any other quarterback in the draft. He'll have the exact same opportunity to be cut, too.

He just deserves a shot.