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Five MAC football teams in need of a uniform rebranding

Miami is teasing a new look, so we were inspired to look around the league and tab who should be next.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Miami has been teasing a total rebranding of their football uniforms in recent days and will have its full REDefined look on June 27.

I, for one, liked the Miami uniform set, and thought them as a bold reboot for a program that was clearly struggling. But alas, a new kit won't change on-field performance.

So this led many of us on Hustle Belt Slack to wonder: who should be next?

5. Western Michigan

WMU screams "doin' too much" to me, and not just because I went to Central.

The shoulder oars, the clearly appropriated GHOST BRONCO, and piping that just doesn't make sense aesthetic wise. The font also has no outline. There's no real pop or depth to them.

What compelled me to put them on this list was a recent experience of rewatching the Pizza Bowl between WMU and Purdue and seeing those classic-style jerseys with the double shoulder stripe and the gold helmet. Why stray from that?

4. Buffalo

Buffalo is already in the process of changing its wordmarks and logos, so it only makes sense that it should rebrand their look as well.

The "State University of New York"-era kits actually have nice features, such as the number font and some wicked sweet alternate helmets, but are relatively "meh" otherwise.

3. Ball State

Ball State has been tweaking their uniforms on and off the last couple year, most notably with an all-black number that included a suede helmet with reflective numbers and cyborg cardinal.

However, its current look is at best average, and at worst, extremely forgettable.

The shield with the cyborg cardinal is a good feature, and the BSU helmet is one of the best in the MAC, but if there was a way to re-incorporate the collar pattern that was prevalent in the mid-2000's or differentiate BSU from many other Nike-clad college teams, there's great potential.

2. Bowling Green

Bowling Green made the switch from Adidas to Nike last season, so there was some interest in what the new uniforms would look like. The results were... interesting to say the least.

The BGSU kit is an unholy amalgamation of the Tennessee Titans' number font, create-a-team quality sleeves, and Cleveland Brown copycat pants.

It was named a top 10 "Ugliest Uniform in FBS football" by an informal poll of 100 FBS recruits, and in an era where looks matter, that's something to take into consideration.

1. Akron

There was a lot of disagreement on HB Slack about how the uniforms stacked up, but pretty much everyone agreed that Akron's default kits are in the most desperate need of change.

Now, Akron has debuted alternate uniforms in the past (think the Baylor Lite uniforms from a couple years back,) and thrown in some sweet looking helmets into the mix (FEAR THE ROO, anyone?)

However, the uniform hasn't experienced a major renovation in nearly a decade and it shows. A garish letter font that is wide and italicized in an era where sleeker looks are the norm makes the kit look outdated, and not in a good way. Too much is going on.

Perhaps thinning the current number and letter font, along with other modifications to streamline and simplify the look will be best. Who knows?


Love the list? Hate it? Got any suggestions? Tell us in the comments!