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MAC Football Media Day Representatives Power Rankings

With MAC Media Day upon us, it's time to rank the team's representatives.

The return of college football is so close it hurts. However, MAC Media Day will take place on Wednesday and that will have to tide us over in the meantime.

Recently, each team's representatives were announced and there are a lot of familiar names.

Before we get into the rankings, here are some of my overall tidbits on the representatives:

  • 3 non-QB's spent their high school days under center (LB Austin Valdez, RB Jordan Johnson, and S Tony Annese)
  • Kent State's Demetrius Monday chose the Flashes over 2 reported SEC offers (Ole Miss and Mississippi State)
  • CMU and EMU are the only schools with representatives who played high school football in the same state
  • The state of Michigan produced the most MAC Media Day representatives (4)
  • Only four players out of the twenty-four were not ranked out of high school
  • EMU and Miami kept things bland this year as they are the only two programs sending two lineman
Now let's go into how we came upon these rankings:

First off, we polled a few Hustle Belt bloggers and asked them to rank the Media Day representatives based on who they think has the most talented duo. Next, we did some research and found out what these players were ranked out of high school. After this, we averaged out the two rankings and whichever program had the lowest average is ranked first and so on. It is worth noting that if a school had a player who was not ranked out of high school, this clearly skewed the team ranking quite a bit. NIU saw the biggest variance as they experienced an 8 spot difference from ranking to ranking.

Here is the chart showing how each team fared in each respective ranking.

Rank Hustle Belt Staff 247Sports Recruiting Rankings
1 WMU Toledo
3 Toledo BG
4 CMU Kent St
5 Bowling Green WMU
6 Akron Ball St
7 Ball St EMU
8 Buffalo Ohio
9 Ohio Akron
10 Kent St NIU
11 EMU Buffalo
12 Miami Miami

So without any further adieu, here are Hustle Belt's media day representatives power rankings:

1. Toledo: RB Kareem Hunt and DB DeJuan Rogers

T-2. CMU: QB Cooper Rush and S Tony Annese

T-2. WMU: WR Corey Davis and QB Zach Terrell

4. Bowling Green: QB James Knapke and LB Austin Valdez

5. NIU: QB Drew Hare and DB Shawun Lurry

6. Ball State: WR KeVonn Mabon and LB Sean Wiggins

7. Kent State: S Nate Holley and DB Demetrius Monday

8. Akron: QB Tommy Woodson and DB DeAndre Scott

9. Ohio: WR Jordan Reid and DL Casey Sayles

10. EMU: DL Pat O'Connor and OL Cole Gardner

11. Buffalo: RB Jordan Johnson and DB Boise Ross

12. Miami: OL Collin Buchanan and DE JT Jones

In the staff rankings, it seems that Miami and EMU were penalized heavily for bringing two lineman, WMU received a nice boost for the caliber of offensive talent it will be showcasing on Wednesday. Kent State surprisingly has a top four ranking as far as recruiting goes, however our staff was not too high on their players.

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