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Mid-American Mondays: Explosions vs. Implosions

Per always in football, some teams/players/coaches make things look super easy while others make it look like they're swimming in a pool of bacon grease.

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Two weeks into the season and we're still in that feeling-out portion of the out-of-conference schedule. Week two gave us plenty of excellent moments and experiences, while there were other teams and players that uh...just made you want to forget things happened. Like, the whole weekend all at once. There are remedies for that, but we won't officially recommend those to you. Like, on the record you know?

But yes, there was quite a bit going on per usual in MAC land.

We're going to explore the "explosions" versus. the "implosions." The good versus the bad. The wonderful-to-watch versus the gouge-your-own-eyes-out parts of the weekend.

Explosions vs. Implosions

Kaleb: (EXPLOSION) MAN OH MAN THE END OF THAT CMU GAME SURE WAS SOMETHING. I mean, these guys just have a bag full of lucky wheaties available to munch on at the end of late-game situations. Even with the officials totally screwing up, what an awesome way for a MAC squad to get a win over a Big 12 school, one of two times that happened on the day (thanks Bobcats).

Justin: (Implosion) Yeah, well, that definitely was pretty cool what Central did on Saturday, but my first implosion of the year is awarded to #MACRefs. Usually that hashtag shows up more around basketball season, where travels aren't called on Ball State, but this time it's the football zebras that stole the show, literally gifting the Chips a play that flies in the face of the rules. I'm sure it was just a mistake, but this crew earned their suspension this week, and should think long and hard about what they've done.

Justin: (EXPLOSION) Now. On to something that makes me far happier than a Central Michigan win (a list that literally includes root canals): 70 Bronco points. WMU scored at least two touchdowns in every quarter Saturday night, and racked up over 600 yards of total offense. They recorded 31 first downs. Corey Davis scored in each of the first three quarters. It was a literal football explosion for the home opener. Of course, it was against an overmatched opponent in North Carolina Central, but WMU hadn't scored that many points since 1996, so I can just be happy for a week.

Kaleb: (Implosion) Nice BSU/EMU reference there. And Western was pretty dang entertaining to watch the highlights of. Meanwhile, Northern Illinois' chances of winning the MAC West...their EFFORTS SHOULD NOW BE CONSIDERED FUTILE. I mean probably not and the Huskies will still find a way to beat Toledo and whatever, but they really didn't even compete with USF. Poor Drew Hare had a nasty looking injury there as he is likely to miss the remainder of the year, a season removed from missing much of 2015. Dude can't catch a break.

Kaleb: (EXPLOSION) On a more cheerful note for the MAC, I referenced it earlier, Ohio outgained Kansas in the first half 359-21. Just. The first. Half. Bonkers. That sounds like an explosion to me, especially the Ohio run game which had a nice mix of Greg Windham, Dorian Brown, Maleek Irons and Papi White. Someone showed Windham how to be a well-rounded quarterback in the game, even if it was the Jayhawks. Tarell Basham, a staple of the Bobcat defensive line for the last three years, even became the school's all-time leading sack leader with 20. Good day.

Justin: (Implosion) Kaleb, you're supposed to warn me before delivering such hot, NIU takes. You know I have to put on gloves before touching something so scalding hot. But I'll raise you an even worse implosion, and that's the MAC East. I know your Bobcats got a win in Lawrence yesterday, but beating Kansas is the college football equivalent of a participation trophy, you just sort of have to show up. As for the rest of the division, there wasn't a single impressive performance. I can only imagine what it would have been like had Buffalo not been on a bye. Kent State and Miami followed the Bulls into the lost-to-an-FCS-school abyss on Saturday losing to North Carolina A&T and Eastern Illinois, respectively. What is going on with those two programs? Paul Haynes is in his fourth year and Chuck Martin in his third. Can't stay in the rebuilding phase forever. The only reason I know for a fact neither of these teams goes 0-12 is because they play each other.

Also, Bowling Green might be bad. Stay tuned.

Justin: (EXPLOSION) Toledo won 45-3 Saturday over Maine. It's not the sort of win that gets people talking, given the competition, but with a Northwestern loss to FCS Illinois State making WMU's week one win a bit less sexy, the Rockets have silently exploded (is that possible?) onto the scene as the team to beat in the MAC West. I know the CMU bandwagon just expanded to record levels Saturday (they even got AP votes!), but like the Chippewas, I don't think Oklahoma State would win the MAC West either. Logan Woodside has played flawlessly since returning to the starting role, and the defense seems strong as ever, meaning the Rockets are everyone's biggest test going forward.

Kaleb: (Implosion) While Logan Woodside heated up a fire with his throwing arm, the Eagle defense stoked a dumpster fire in Columbia. I don't think most people expected the EMU Eagles to walk into Mizzou and put up a fight. The Tigers were 20-point favorites, but you still don't have much of an excuse for giving up 61 points if you're the Eagles. I mean, c'mon. Missouri never scored more than 34 points in a game last year, and that was against Southeast Missouri State. The defense gave up 647 total yards of offense. I have no other words.