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The Mid-American Conference wants you to know it's mental health awareness week

This is an awesome video from the Mid-American Conference, which is launching a campaign this week for Mental Health Awareness. This past July, commissioner Jon Steinbrecher announced that the MAC would be looking at mental health and brain injury issues at a forum hosted by the conference starting this year, which would make the MAC the only NCAA conference to do so.

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MAC announces biggest TV schedule for men's and women's basketball in conference history

In a coup for the conference, fifty-nine men's and women';s basketball games will be aired nationally or regionally in the 2015-2016 season. The channels included are the American Sports Network, the Buckeye Cable Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3,Fox Sports 1, and the TIme Warner Cable Sports Channel. A couple games will also be aired on the Big Ten Network. There are multiple wild card games, which will be decided upon as the season progresses, and nine of the twelve MAC institutions will be utilizing in-house student production with ESPN3. Yay basketball!

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MAC seeking to remove all recruiting social media restrictions

In NCAA meetings that occured earlier this week, the conferences cleared the air about restrictions they want changed. According to Jon Solomon, the Mid-American Conference has asked for the NCAA to remove all restrictions regarding contacting recruits via social media, due to "the difficulty in monitoring the activity and the desire to keep pace with social media technology." If policy changes, it could be very interesting to se hwo the recruiting game is changed in that regard.

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MAC, commissioner Jon Steinbrecher agree to extension through 2020

ALL HAIL OUR BENEVOLENT MAC OVERLORD. Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher has earned a contract extension, until the 2019-2020 season. Steinbrecher has been the MAC commish since 2009, and the conference has been more relevant than ever, with three first round draft picks in the NFL in the past five years, and securing ESPN coverage until the 2026-2027 season. Now let's hope he gets a Twitter soon.

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Thank 1,002 of you for liking Hustle Belt on Facebook!

What's next for the MAC?

Year after year we see empty stadiums and little enthusiasm for MAC sports. What is it going to take to fill those seats and get fans excited about the MAC?

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EMU football entrance video goes viral, fits lazy media narrative

Writing for MLive, Michael Niziolek defends the EMU football team's entrance, in which they smashed through a concrete wall, and calls out media that focused on it as "lazy".

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#MACtion App, Coming to a Smartphone App Store Near You (In Your Pocket, Probably)

Charlie Batch is going back to school

The former Eastern Michigan and Lions/Steelers quarterback will take part in a "journalism boot camp" at Bowling Green.

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EMU Media Relations Director Jim Streeter to retire

After 39 years with the EMU Athletic Media Relations Office, Jim Streeter is retiring effective October 19. A 1973 EMU alumnus with a major in physical education and minors in journalism and history, "Streets" is EMU's fourth Sports Information Director/Media Relations Director, heading up the office for 37 of its 52 years.


In one of the midwest's top rivalries, three fans experienced Toledo and Bowling Green from a completely new perspective.

Bob Dyer Writes A Weird Column Defending Akron From A Sports Illustrated Writer

Golf journalist Stephanie Wei made an off-hand remark about the city of Akron to a friend on Twitter, and a newspaper columnist comes lashing back. Who's right? (Nobody.)

The Kent State Golden Eagles, Or: An OregonLive Writer Justifies A Copyediting Mistake

The ballad of the "Kent State Golden Eagles," and the OregonLive writer who can't live it down.

Observations On The Redesign

Some thoughts/observations on the new MAC-Sports website. Essentially, the overhaul was a long time coming.