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MAC Morning Dump: Draft grades, MAC golf, Garfield the Cat

Celebrate Willie Nelson's birthday with all the Mid-American Conference news and notes you may have missed.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Whether it's the bandana, the hair, the strange odor coming off the tour bus, or one of his dozens of hits, it's without question that Willie Nelson is one of the most recognizable musicians of this era. Everyone knows at least a couple Willie songs and almost everyone is more than happy to break them out at karaoke or at a barbecue. IT'S MY COOKOUT, DAD, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. But I digress.

Willie celebrates his 83rd birthday today, and if I'm half as active or with it as Willie is when I'm that age, I will be shocked. He must have some sort of magical supplement that keeps him sharp, worry-free, and calm. He's really had a pretty incredible life, from being the instigator of Outlaw Country with the Highwaymen to battling and beating the IRS to his charity work with Farm Aid to a cameo role in Half Baked. He's an activist, an author, an environmentalist, and yes, the owner of a line of medical marijuana. Because, hey, sell what you know, right?

So let's have some blazing news about the MAC. Perhaps this news will be covered jointly by several sites and newswires. On to the dump...

NFL Draft Grades: Day 2 | SBNation
It's never too early to get your hopes up for the coming season or to begin to build all the reasons you're going to reference at the first tailgate of the year about why your GM should be looking for a new job.

EMU AD Defends Spending Millions on Failing Football Program | MichiganRadio
On the one hand, Eastern Michigan is getting a ton of publicity at the time of year when they usually get none. So there's that, I guess.

Flashes Lead MAC Championship by 15 Strokes | Kent State Sports
If I have learned anything from a lifetime of playing, watching, and/or covering athletics, it is that it's not over until it's over. With a 15-stroke lead with one round to go and me not on their team, Kent State is looking awfully likely to win themselves a MAC men's golf championship. Final round is Saturday.

Jim Davis to Teach at Ball State but do Students Know Who He Is? | USAToday
It' the guy who draws Garfield! How could you not know that?! Are there a plethora of cats that love lasagna just strolling around to be blissfully unaware of? Kids today...

Your friends here at Hustle Belt will be rocking another NFL Draft open thread for the final day of the draft today. Join us to celebrate the inevitable MACtion that's sure to explode all over the place.