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MAC Morning Dump: Draft grades, women's tennis, men's golf

Celebrate The Rock's 44th birthday with the MAC news you may have missed. If you smell what Hustle Belt is cookin'.

The millions, and millions, of Rock's fans want MAC news and notes
The millions, and millions, of Rock's fans want MAC news and notes
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

At some point in everyone's life, they enjoyed wrestling. Maybe they are of an older generation and were fans of the greats like Bruno Sammartino or Killer Kowalski. Maybe they are a little younger and mark out for John Cena or CM Punk. Maybe they are my age, though, and remember the Golden Age of Wrestling with the Monday Night Wars and the likes of Stone Cold,  Bret Hart, Hollywood Hogan, the NWO, and today's birthday boy, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

I'm of the opinion that in today's Hollywood, you'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger star (both in size and ticket sales) than The Rock. From disaster movies to car chases to that weird movie where he was the Tooth Fairy, it's been a tremendous career for The Rock. And what better way to celebrate the day of his birth than by letting him (and you) know there was Mid-American Conference goings on that he and you may have missed while you were NFL Draft-tastic over the weekend. You might call this The People's MAC Morning Dump. Off we go...

2016 NFL Draft Grades | SBNation
From my limited NFL perspective, it seems like most NFL fans are optimistic about their selections. But, I also think Ball State will win a MAC Championship every year in football, so take my optimism with a grain of salt.

2017 NFL Mock Draft | SBNation
No MAC players in the first round, but a whole host of running backs. The Draft for the MAC is cyclical so perhaps 2017 will be a little more top heavy.

Recreation Pays Price for Athletics at UB | UB Spectrum
We've talked a ton about the finances of college athletics here lately. At the University of Buffalo, campus recreation has been impacted by those student subsidies directly.

Kent State Wins 23rd MAC Title | Kent State Sports
It's the Golden Flashes 7th title in the last 8 years and they won by 20 strokes. Admittedly, I'm not a great golfer, but I think that qualifies as a dynasty.

Ball State Woman's Tennis wins MAC Title | Ball State Sports
First MAC title for the school in women's tennis. The Cardinals learn their NCAA tournament opponent Tuesday at 5pm.