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MAC Morning Dump: Ball State/NOLA connection, rugby, baseball postseason

Your one stop shop for the daily links to Mid-American Conference news you may have missed and other news of note.

Vince McMahon wants his morning MAC news and notes
Vince McMahon wants his morning MAC news and notes
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When I was a kid, wrestling was not anywhere close to what it was today. As I sat in my mancave and watched the immense theatrics of a WWE "pay per view" streamed to my flatscreen from an Apple TV through the WWE Network, it dawned on me that the days of fat ex-athletes and general lowest common denominator of society are way past us. Between the talent on display, the production value of an event, and the incredible cross-section of American life, it is truly and without question the most intriguing event of the common entertainment landscape.

Is there still shame in being a wrestling fan? Maybe, maybe not. I guess that depends on your circle of friends and how far down the WWE Universe rabbit hole you may have climbed. Am I as hooked as I was "back in the day" when I teared up after The Rockers broke up in Brutus' Barbershop? Not quite. Do I feel guilty that for one night a week I can stop worrying about life, bills, work, and all the other not so scripted things that comprise my day to day? Absolutely not. It's escapism. It's fun. It's the MAC football of entertainment. It doesn't have to make sense, but the people that love it, LOVE IT, and there's really no explanation necessary.

Saints Rookie Hopes to Step Up for Friend Willie Snead Again | Big Easy Believer
It's a Ball State Cardinals reunion in NOLA with Jordan Williams and Willie Snead. Of more importance is apparently Jordan Williams is now going by Jordan Williams-Lambert, which is news to me.

Hinchcliffe Takes Pole for Indy 500 | SBNation
In the MACtion of motorsports, because there is nothing more rust belt than the Indy 500, James Hinchcliffe will take green flag on The Brickyard this coming weekend. As a native Hoosier that's never been to the race, I feel somewhat ashamed. Only somewhat, though.

Postseason Picture: Conference Rundown | D1Baseball
With the close of the MAC regular season and the opening of the conference tourney, it's time to turn your attention to the postseason. Chicks dig the long ball.

Kent State Rugby Coach Named to US Rugby Staff | Hudson News
Sure, it's not a major revenue sport and the Kent State Golden Flashes may be leaving for another conference in the fall, but that's no reason not to celebrate.

NHL Playoffs Bracket Down to Final Four | SBNation
The Stanley Cup is down to the Final 4. As a former DC resident, I can't stress enough how awesome hockey was. Most of our coverage area may not know the amazingness of hockey, but I beg of you to give it a chance and take in a game.