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Bowling Green 60, Northwestern 37

Is ... is this real? Not only did BGSU score a Pink Line Upset in decisive fashion, they did it against a 6-2 Big Ten team and held them to THIRTY SEVEN POINTS. The Falcons are a classic defensive team, but the last time they didn't let someone score 38 was December 30, 2007 against Tennessee-Martin.

Beyond the defense, Alexis Rogers had a tremendous game: 25 points, seven steals and five rebounds. Chrissy Steffen contributed 14 points and six boards. If you're doing the math, yes, Rogers and Steffen combined for more points than the entire Northwestern team.

BG is now 6-3 and will try to again hold a team to 37 points when they play Wyoming on Sunday. (They probably will not hold them to 37 points.)