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Ball State 73, Detroit 64 (OT)

This is the definition of a rally: Ball State had a double-digit lead early in the second half then soon found themselves down eight points with 1:25 remaining in the game. Fortunately they forced OT with six seconds left and cruised from there.

The team played just seven-deep, with their starting five all going at least 38 minutes and putting up great lines. Nathalie Fontaine and Shanee' Jackson both scored 18 points, with Fontaine adding nine rebounds. Brittany Carter shot 4-for-8 from three to end up with 17 points, four blocks and three assists. Shelbie Justice added 10 points, four assists and four rebounds, and Brandy Woody gave them eight points, nine rebounds and seven assists.

The Cardinals improve to 3-6 and will host Northern Kentucky on Saturday afternoon.