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Kent State 71, Temple 62

And there it is. Kent State gets on the board with their first victory for coach Danielle O'Banion and against a rather impressive opponent. Temple had beaten the likes of Seton Hall, Syracuse and BGSU. It was certainly one of the more unlikely victories of the year, when you get right down to it.

But the seniors played their hearts out. Tamzin Barroilhet had a huge game: 17 points, nine assists ad eight rebounds. Trisha Krewson shot 4-for-6 from three to land with 18 points. Diamon Beckford had 13 and Ashley Evans contributed 12 as a strong second half overcame a narrow Owls halftime lead.

Can they keep this going? KSU is now 1-7 and plays a good Western Kentucky team on Sunday evening.