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Akron 86, Chicago State 45

This is the story of a basketball game that began with Akron winning 28-1. Again, the score at one point was 28-1. TWENTY EIGHT TO ONE. Their halftime lead was 41-9, where two specific players (Sina King and Rachel Tecca) both outscored the entire opposition.

Chicago State shot 3-for-30 from the floor and 3-for-4 on free throws. They had nine points and 11 turnovers.

In all the games Chicago State has played this year (they're 1-13 and winless against D1) they're averaging a 74-46 loss per contest. But I'm guessing that a 28-1 deficit to start a game isn't something they've yet to experience, nor is it a wound I'm really interested in opening. But you'll be happy to know that CSU scored 36 points in the second half, 400 percent more than the first 20 minutes and - like any team that does the little things - made 72 percent of their free throws.

Akron moves to 9-4 and will kick off MAC play next week on Thursday against Ohio.