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Ali Mann resigned after admitting to a relationship with a student

The assistant coach and former basketball standout for the Falcons left the program for "personal reasons" last week, and now we have a slightly better understanding of what those personal reasons were.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I guess Northwest Ohio is just having a little problem with coaches having relationships with students. Now it's Ali Mann, a legendary Bowling Green basketball player, resigning as assistant coach last week for "personal reasons," which it turned out was because she had a relationship with a student. The BG Sentinel-Tribune called it "amorous" and "consensual," which really are the best kind of relationships, but not when it crosses organizational charts.

BG athletic director Greg Christopher wouldn't specify who the student was, nor do they have an obligation to, but it's going to make everybody curious as heck.

As a player Mann hit perhaps the most memorable basket in women's basketball history when a 3-pointer in the 2007 NCAA Tournament helped them beat Vanderbilt to ascend to the Sweet 16 — a play ingrained into my head, likely for life. It was a welcome sight to see her return to BG in a coaching capacity, but obviously that is over. It's a darn shame that her tenure at Bowling Green had to end like this, but I don't know how much more this can be stressed: keep your work lives and personal lives separate. Always. You're not Jim and Pam.