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MAC Women's Tournament Quarterfinal Preview

Bowling Green and Central Michigan rematch after a lopsided regular season game, and Buffalo's impressive run may be ending against Akron.

At long last, the teams with byes start entering the picture. BGSU and Buffalo may not be entirely rested, but they've played two games in the span CMU and Akron have played none, which has to feel good on those tired legs.

I can't say for sure but have to imagine both games will be viewable live on

12 noon (5) Bowling Green (22-9, 11-5) vs. (4) Central Michigan (18-11, 12-4)

Well, usually BGSU makes it to the quarterfinals or better, but they look the long way there, having to climb out of the first round. They were nearly derailed by Western Michigan but survived 55-53. As a prize, they play the one team, oddly enough, that has given them the least amount of trouble all year. When the Chippewas traveled to BG on February 3, they didn't just lose, they lost by 35 points. It probably won't be that much of a rout on the second try (it rarely is), but it's your age-old offense vs. defense matchup.

Dumb Prediction: I don't like picking against BG so I won't; they reach the semifinals with a 59-51 victory.

2:30 p.m. (7) Buffalo (12-19, 8-8) vs. (3) Akron (21-8, 12-4)

The Bulls have been a fun little story, threatening for the MAC East title before tapering off slightly. They made the quarterfinals, which is a big improvement from last year. The bad news is they face Akron, who they've failed to beat in their last six matchups, but more importantly both games this year were losses by 17 and 18 points. Rachel Tecca, the butterfly-braced academic All-American and MAC Player of the Year, deserves every bit of praise coming her way, and Hanna Luburgh is one of the best 3-point shooters in the conference (41 percent).

Dumb Prediction: I felt a little smart picking UB over Miami in a slight upset in the previous round. I don't think I'll be going out on a limb taking the Zips here, 68-56.