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It's over; Toledo, Bowling Green, Ball State bounced from WNIT

All on the same day! MAC basketball is over for the season. Now what?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Illinois 63, Toledo 55 — 78 total possessions? Yep, this is the quick pace we expected from this Illini team. It was a close game to the end until a few too many turnovers did in the Rockets. Illinois tried to finish the game several times but just couldn't sink their free throws and UT hung around until they kept turning it back over.

And so ends the storied senior careers of Naama Shafir, Lecretia Smith, Yolanda Richardson, Kyle Baumbartner and Riley McCormick. They've got a lot to replace but you know Tricia Cullop's team will be among the favorites next year.

Drexel 50, Bowling Green 47 — It's a score BGSU is all too often used to this year, but usually they were on the winning end of it. The game started out wild as the Dragons began with a 12-4 lead, only for the Falcons to respond with an 11-0 run. Then nobody could quite get ahead of the other. Drexel had just seven turnovers all game, and their spectacular guard Hollie Mershon proved to be the difference in the final minutes.

Kansas State 60, Ball State 48 — A bit of a frustrating game to watch. Ball State busted out of the doors with a 15-7 lead, only to see that dissipate and then K-State went to work. The Wildcats were grabbing every loose ball in the second half and some tough foul calls ended up pushing Brady Sallee to his breaking point, getting a technical late in the game. But thanks to the time zone difference, Ball State can say they were the last MAC basketball team still playing in the postseason.

Yeah, we know, It Ends With A Loss™, but getting to the "octofinals" of the WNIT is still a pretty darn good thing. It means they each went 2-1 in the postseason, bringing the MAC women's record in NCAA and WNIT tournaments to 6-6. Hey, they broke even. The men can't say that (3-4). Fun season all around. Now it's time to pay attention to the summer and — for the hardcore — the spring sports.