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MAC basketball gets its coin flip

#teamcoinflip rides after all!

Can we flip the coin, please oh please?
Can we flip the coin, please oh please?
Mike Ehrmann

Last week we were salivating at the possibility of a coin flip to determine the MAC basketball regular season title and the No. 1 overall seed in the conference tournament. When Akron staved off Ohio in overtime, that dream full of change and random chance became shattered.

However, if you still fancy a coin flip seed determination, we have one: Ohio and Kent State women's basketball both finished 1-15 in the MAC, splitting the regular season series against one another. Both of them dropped home losses, albeit closer than expected, to superior teams; Ohio fell 66-61 to Miami while Kent State clawed back late from a noncompetitive match to fall 51-43 to Bowling Green. Because the MAC is a small world, BGSU and Miami are the No. 5 and No. 6 teams, respectively.

So the Golden Flashes and Bobcats are flipping to see who travels to which well-oiled MAC East machine for a difficult first round game. What a prize.

Also, can one of us please flip the coin? Please? We'll even bring the coin.