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The NIU Football Drinking Game (2020 Edition)

Because getting through these games requires some drinking...

MAC Mascot Mania: The Final Showdown

Two MAC East rivals survived and advanced to the Ultimate Showdown, and look to be the last mascot standing.


The voters came out in droves to help their favorite mascots make it to the semi-final round. And the matchups don’t disappoint.

MAC Mascot Mania Bracket Update: Round 2

We’re officially in the bracket proper after the play-in games! Who made it in to the dance?

Introducing... MAC MASCOT MANIA!

It’s a fight to the death to determine which of the 11 MAC mascots (MAC-scots?) is the best one... and you can help us decide the winner!

Former Akron Zips WR Matthew A. Cherry becomes Oscar-nominated director

Cherry joins a very exclulsive list of former professional athletes to attain an Oscars nod.

A Love Letter To My Time At EMU

A heartfelt thank you to the unforgettable years spent in Ypsilanti.

What would happen if the MAC mascots ever fought?

While Mike Leach speculates about a PAC-12 mascot fight, we let a MACscot fight play out.

Petition to bring back original Buster Bronco reaches 1,500 supporters

Looks like some WMU fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the mascot's makeover.

Happy 7th Birthday, Hustle Belt!

Kindergarten was a breeze! Can’t wait to learn about the rain cycle.

The wait is almost over

Media Days signal the unofficial return of football season and with it, a sense of renewed hope.

Much Ado About MACtion: Episode 1 Recap

In case you missed out on the launch of our new Wednesday afternoon Facebook Live show, catch up here!

A message from the Western Michigan editor

Read all these words carefully, since you probably didn’t read the thousands of others I’ve written thus far.

Goodyear unveils tire sculptures of Western Michigan and Wisconsin mascots

The stunning, 400 lb. result of 300 hours of work.

Hustle Belt Top 10: Landing Spots for PJ Fleck in 2017

Where should the boat captain take his oars in 2017?

Which Harry Potter house is your MAC team?

Muggles and purebloods... unite!

Can the MAC stay beer budget in a champagne world?

In the arms race of college athletics, the programs that make up the MAC are making and spending far less than their brethren and doing so on the backs of their students.

How valuable are MAC programs?

The Wall Street Journal and economist Ryan Brewer gives us numbers to chew on.

Your Guide To Detroit

With the game only encompassing one portion of your trip to the Motor City, here's a handy guide for things to do when you're not at Ford Field.

The Fantasy League Playoffs are set!

After a long season, and an interesting final week, the playoffs are set. See who made it and who's battling for the cellar.

Hustle Belt Fantasy League - Week 10 Recap

With the playoffs a week away, the fantasy league playoffs are all but set with a big Week 11 match-up looming

Featured Fanshot

Former WMU coach Elliot Uzelac featured on Scott Van Pelt's "One Big Thing"

This is pretty cool. The formerly retired Elliot Uzelac, who coached at WMU, Navy, Michigan, and Ohio State in his Division I coaching career, took over a Benton Harbor team that was in trouble and led them to the Michigan High School Playoffs. It caught the eye of Scott Van Pelt, who made Uzelac the feature subject of his famous "One Big Segment" last night. Watch the video for your morning feels.

Featured Fanshot

New House Speaker Paul Ryan, Miami alum, just helped Miami fulfill a unique Triple Crown

Earlier today, Paul Ryan (R-WI) was elected the Speaker of the House, replacing the departing John Boehner (R-OH). The moment he took the gavel, Speaker Ryan made history... for his alma mater, Miami University. Miami is now the only institution that can claim a Super Bowl winning quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger), a U.S. President (Benjamin Harrsion), and now, a Speaker of the House (Ryan). Other notable political alumni include Charles Anderson (former governor of Ohio), Chung Un-Chan (former prime minister of South Korea) and Donna Shalala (former Secretary of Health and Human Services, current President of University of Miami [FL]).

Big upset in our Fantasy League!

With MAC play beginning, there was a nice upset of a top team to shake up the standings

Featured Fanshot

UMass Football to introduce new concession options at Saturday's game vs. FIU

The University of Massachusetts has been renowned in recent years when it comes to their on-campus food offerings. In fact, they we're just rated #2 in the nation for 'Best Food' by The Princeton Review behind only Bowdoin College in Maine. Now UMass Dining will be bringing some new flavors to the stands at McGuirk Stadium on Saturdays as they plan to roll out items ranging from hand-rolled sushi to sustainably-harvested Maine lobster rolls. UMass has been a leader in offering sustainable, healthy options for its students in its dining commons, and it looks like they'll be doing the same inside McGuirk Stadium come Saturdays, which should have Minutemen fans even more excited for campus home games.

Reaching some depth in the Fantasy League

With the MAC putting up varying performances all over the country before conference play starts, the fantasy league saw a big week for most teams.

Featured Fanshot

Two MAC schools named to The Princeton Review's Top Party School List

Every year, everyone looks for the top party schools in the nation, and once again, the Midwest (and the B1G) rules all, as Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin-Madison were the top three. However, there was also some #MACtion on the list, as Ohio was ranked 16th out of 20 schools, and Miami was ranked 19th based on parameters set by The Princeton Review, which can be found on their website. 380 schools were reviewed for the rankings, with the top 20 being ranked.

What Did They Say? This Week on HB Twitter

This week, we're letting someone else choose the best Tweets from Hustle Belt contributors. We'll try to stay on topic.

Featured Fanshot

Someone actually paired MAC schools with a unique craft beer

Shout out to @RedditCFB for this really cool thing. Basically, an r/CFB user used a rather complicated math equation (found here: in order to determine a unique beer for every single D1 university taking into account brewery locations, fan attendence, and popularity of beers (amongst other extigent factors.) Click to link to find out your favorite school's "official" beer!

Featured Fanshot

Ohio University's "Attack Cat" named a top 12 logo in college sports

YAY #MACtion! According to HubSpot, a blog that essentially analyzes digital marketing trends, the Ohio Bobcats "attack cat" logo is "well balanced" with "good integration of a logo with type." Amoungst the other honorees are Texas' Longhorn, Oregon's silhoutette "O," Miami's "U," and Notre Dame's monogram.

Featured Fanshot

#MACtion: The Movie!?

LOOK AT IT. JUST LOOK AT IT. Rotehlisberger as the Rambo-esque leader, Diesel the Huskie as a renegade gunner. Antonio Brown as communications/hacker guy... Louis Delmas with purple dreads!?!? Can we set up a GoFundMe for this?

Featured Fanshot

Northern Illinois and Western Michigan tops in MAC in 5Dimes' 2015 college football betting lines

5Dimes recently released betting lines for expected wins for all 128 football teams in FBS. The Mid-American Conference is a wild card for oddsmakers, as there are plenty of surprises to be seen. Northern Illinois and Western Michigan are one and two at 8.5 and 8 wins expected, with Akron in third at 7.5. The MAC team with the worst odds are the EMU Eagles, at 1.5 wins and a -185 over/+145 under. You can see the rest of the MAC teams, as well as the rest of college football lines at the provided link.