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Hustle Belt turns five today

Holy crap I feel old.

Alex Alvarado

Oh wow, five years already?

To answer the "well what time where you born?" question: it was 9:00 am on this date. This place started out with Matt Sussman, who did his undergrad at Bowling Green and eventually earned his master's degree at Funny Guy State U. Most of you oughta remember Suss, whether it be because of this blog or from Baseball Prospectus or on Twitter, but without Suss being able to put the right blogging-making music on somebody to say "okay, fine, have your damn MAC blog," none of us would be here right now.

Since Suss opened up shop, we've seen a football team go to the Orange Bowl whose quarterback would be a legitimate Heisman contender the next year, a basketball team beat Michigan (insert: praise hands emoji) en route a Sweet 16, we've seen Jarvion Franklin become the first player in MAC history to win both Freshman of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year awards in football, a the worst safety call ever, and one of the best fat guy touchdowns ever.

From Suss to Bryan M. Vance to myself, we've exhausted a ton of work into this blog. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the glory. Not for the trophies. But we do it for the people. We've dished out news to all of you, we've got recruiting stories, we've got game recaps and previews and analyses, as well a few good jokes to tell here and there.

From me to Suss, thanks again for giving me a chance to come on board and screw everything up. From me to the readers, thanks for hanging on for these past five years. We'll continue to bring you #MACtion, just so long as the #MACtion lives up to its name. Remember, it's still OK to be a misfit.

Happy fifth birthday to the Hustle Belt community.