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Miami to sell alcohol at Yager Stadium in fall

Let's focus less on "responsible behavior" and more on "WOOOOO!!! Alcohol!!!"

Coming soon to a MAC stadium near you?
Coming soon to a MAC stadium near you?
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Mid-American Conference teams the conference over get raked over the coals for low athletic revenue and declining attendance. The Miami-Ohio Redhawks hope to have found the answer to that problem with fermented yeast as they sell said yeasty creations in beverage form to fans attending football games at Yager Stadium in the fall.

In a letter to the campus community, President David Hoge explained the shift in policy for his constituents and referenced a successful pilot program last year during Miami hockey. Of amazing and unknown note for me was that six schools (Akron, Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Northern Illinois, and Toledo) offer alcohol sales in non-premium seating already and all 12 conference members do so in premium seating areas.

It's always a curious case study to see how a university community reacts to the alcohol dilemma on campus. As a higher ed administrator there are some (myself included) that accept that alcohol is a way of life on a college campus and the best thing to do is teach students how to handle it responsibly. There are an equal number of folks who fall out on the "Don't even open this can of worms" and have alcohol free campus policies. Whether you find those sorts of things short-sighted, protective, or unrealistic will likely determine where you shake out on this issue.

For me, I'm all for it. As a Ball State alum, I think they ought to be doing it there. The critics will say that it is a breeding ground for inappropriate behavior and not family friendly. I will say, "Two dogs and two beers" whenever there's break in the action and I can make it down to the concession stand. Cheers to Miami, cheers to the MAC, and cheers to all of you!