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Miami drops new uniforms for 2016 football season

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The RedHawks go back to the basics for their new set.

Miami Football

After teasing major news all of last week, Miami unveiled a new set of football uniforms for the 2016 season Monday morning. The simplified but bold look has garnered a lot of positive reaction on social media so far.

Here's a closer look via video:

In addition to the four different uniform combinations, players' names will be featured on the back of the jerseys, which the RedHawks haven't had for some time. Going back to a more traditional uniform with the solid-colored helmets that feature the Miami M is a good look, and that shade of red really pops. One of the neater details of the uniforms is the M on the state of Ohio that is on the front of the helmet.

Miami fans will get to see the new threads for the first time on Sept. 3 when the team travels to take on Iowa.