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Miami Getting Blown Out By Kentucky At Halftime

This one is ugly. A week after suffering a beatdown at the hands of the Marshall Thundering Herd, the Miami RedHawks found themselves starring down a familiar tunnel by the end of the first quarter, when they trailed 24-7.

Kentucky added another score, a 5-yard rush by Raymond Saunders, in the second half to bring the halftime score to 31-7.

The Kentucky Wildcats "air-raid" offense has lit up Miami's secondary to the tune of 410 total yards in the half. They've scored on five of their seven possessions, while the Austin Boucher-led RedHawks' offense is struggling to average 3 yards a play.

At the half Miami has managed just 73 yards of offense. Boucher is 3-of-8 for just 18 yards, and has been scrambling all over the place. He has 17 yards on the ground, on 11 carries. Overall Miami has just 55 yards on the ground on 25 carries.

The RedHawks are being overpowered, are undersized, and just look flat. The offensive line is being pushed back, and the defense can't get a stop. Kentucky may have been an SEC bottom-dweller in 2012, but the Wildcats are making it clear they're still Miami's superior on the gridiron.

If Miami has any hope of making this game at least somewhat defense they'll need to find a spark somewhere, and get lucky on a few big plays. Forcing a turnover or two wouldn't hurt either, but considering how poorly the defense is playing, it's highly unlikely.