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NFL Draft Day 2 lacks MACtion

Rounds 2 and 3 yield the same result as Round 1 for MAC fans

Less worry about deflated balls, more worry about the lack of MACtion
Less worry about deflated balls, more worry about the lack of MACtion
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

This is getting ridiculous, general managers and war rooms. I saw that Kevin Costner movie. I know how these things work. You take fliers on people. You do things that don't make sense. You reach. Fans boo. It's a rite of spring. We're fans of the Mid-American Conference. We know how this goes, but you aren't holding up your end of the bargain.

A kicker?! A KICKER?!? I don't care if it's Morten Anderson's and Adam Vinatieri's fused offspring, a kicker shouldn't be selected before a MAC alum. He didn't even go to Ohio State. Christian Hackenberg? More like, Christian Hacken-shouldn't-been-drafted-before-a-MAC-player-berg. Besides, he didn't even go to Ohio State.

Kavon Frazier still sits undrafted. Do NFL teams not need a defensive back with killer run support and size and speed to allow that to happen? Of course, he didn't go to Ohio State. How about Jatavis Brown? No use for an exceptionally productive linebacker with tremendous speed and agility? He didn't go to Ohio State, though. Go ahead and take a pass on Willie Beavers also, because 6'5" 325-pounders just grow on trees. Hell, walked past six of them while I was grabbing Starbucks today. Didn't go to Ohio State, though. This is why NFL fans boo you.

There's one day left in the NFL Draft, where it is a virtual certainty that at least a few ambassadors of MACtion will get snapped up. I can only hope the wait is serving as sweet tasty motivation for them all to make a list of the teams that passed them up so they can spend the majority of their hopefully lengthy NFL career proving people wrong.