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Ohio Basketball's Antonio Campbell declares for NBA draft

The rising senior showed the moves to be a potential professional basketball player, but let's not jump on the assumption that he's gone just yet.

Kaleb Carter

Common sense would indicate that Antonio Campbell is coming back for 2016-2017, but Ohio fans can't particularly fault the big guy for wanting to test the waters after a monumental campaign.

Campbell has thrown his name out and he intends to declare for the NBA draft he does not plan on hiring an agent.

Coming off being named an honorable mention All-American and winning a MAC Player of the Year Award, Campbell's versatile game is likely to garner him some hard looks from professionals who see the upside in the game. The rising senior's deft touch around the hoop and increasingly impressive ability to stretch the floor left many mouths agape and coaches with their ties in bunches this past season.

He certainly has aspects of his game to improve upon, and we'll see more analysis of those factors if he is able to go through some individual workouts in front of scouts, so stay tuned for that.

Don't fret too much Bobcat fans, this section from the release from Ohio athletics explains the situation perfectly clear.

"The new rules pertaining to the draft are of great benefit to the student-athlete," said third-year head coach Saul Phillips. "Tony is smart to utilize these rules to evaluate his standing as well as receive input as to how he can continue to develop as a player. Because he has not hired an agent, he can withdraw from the draft at any point. We are extremely supportive of Tony’s decision."

Campbell can attend workouts scheduled by NBA teams starting April 26 and is eligible to compete in the NBA Draft Combine on May 11-15, if selected. The deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft and return for his senior year is May 25.

"I’m grateful to Ohio University for allowing me to go through this process to see where I stand entering the NBA Draft," said Campbell. "By not hiring an agent, it leaves the door open for me to return for my senior season with the Bobcats."