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Suck Ups

Quotes about Hustle Belt:

"It's sh*tty ... and sh*tty is Canadian for funny." — Andrew Hawkins, Toledo wide receiver, 2004-07

"In less than a month the Belt has become one of my must read blogs." — Tim Riordan, Bull Run

"They do a great job of covering MAC sports." —

"One of the best conference-specific blogs out there." — NBC Sports

"Yes, there is such a thing." — Michael Weinreb, Grantland

"You're a classless coward. Your parents failed." — [actual email to me from a sportswriter, name withheld]

"MACtion now, MACtion forever! This is still the best website on the internet. And it will continue to be." — Timothy Burke, Deadspin Editor

"As someone who has frequented various MAC-related internet-type haunts since the original SportsOnly message board back in the 90s, this is unquestionably the best all-MAC site ever created." — Papa Lou BSU, loyal Hustle Belt reader

"Hustle Belt, world's greatest MAC blog." — CBS Sports