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Tuesday Night Lights: Cheatham Norrils fights back to recovery, now hoping for a chance at the NFL

Toledo's star cornerback had a tough path just to get back on the field for his final season.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We're back with the second episode of Tuesday Night Lights; joining us this time is the now former Toledo Rocket cornerback Cheatham Norrils.

As many fans already know, Norrils had a long, tough fight just to get back to being his normal self, let alone regain all of his strength and mobility to put the pads back on and play football at a high level. Being named a team captain at the start of the season, he had a big year by helping the Rockets get to a 10-2 record including wins over Arkansas, Bowling Green and Temple. He was named a First Team All-MAC honoree at season's end.

Now that his college career is behind him, Norrils' is looking to get a shot in the NFL. He's yet to have the publicity and notoriety that he'd like, but he's still enjoying the process of making sure he's dedicated to his workouts at home, hoping that he'll end up at somebody's mini-camps and work his way up from there.