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Tuesday Night Lights: Weighing out the pros and cons of having a college football commissioner

MAC Championship - Bowling Green v Northern Illinois Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Quick note: sorry for the delay. This was recorded Wednesday, May 25, but getting around to editing this thing took a little while. Anywho, the sixth episode of the "Tuesday Night Lights" podcast is ready for your ears.

This time, Alex and Fitz open up by answering a question in our #HustleBag: where fellow Belter Jordan Rinard asked what the top five MAC games are this season. Feel free to ask more questions by scrolling down to the bottom of this article.

Does college football need a person acting as a governing commissioner? This is a month-old topic, sure, but there are many college football writers that have brought up the debate, so we'll be weighing out the pros and cons of that. We also have an alternative ways to handle this situation.

Want to know who isn't for college football to have a commissioner? Dr. Jon Steinbrecher, who is a member of the [young] football oversight committee.