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Tuesday Night Lights: NFL Draft recap, conducting the UDFA draft

Plenty of MAC players have been signed as undrafted free agents and invited to mini camps; who of them have the best shot at making a 53-man roster?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft has come and gone and only six players from the MAC were drafted with over 30 more signed as undrafted free agents or invited to rookie mini-camp.

We'll be talking about the six -- Willie Beavers (121, Vikings), Tajae Sharpe (140, Titans), Jatavis Brown (175, Chargers), Kavon Frazier (212, Cowboys), Darius Jackson (216, Cowboys), Daniel Braverman (230, Bears) -- and talk about their fits along with how Pro Football Focus has graded these players.

Since there are over 30 players going to mini-camps as undrafted free agents, we have a 10-round draft, picking players based on who we think will make 53-man rosters.

Sorry for the technical failures at the end. No clue what happened there.

00:30 -- Intro

01:29 -- Pizza toppings

04:54 -- Hot draft takes

19:32 -- 6 MAC players taken with PFF's write-ups

45:50 -- UDFA draft, picking players by who we think have the best shot at making 53-man rosters. (results below)


Alex Fitz
1 Roger Lewis Travis Greene
2 Nate Terhune Alex Huettel
3 Eilar Hardy Cheatham Norrils
4 Rolan Milligan Alonzo Russell
5 Matt Johnson Ian Wells
6 Lucas Powell Tommylee Lewis
7 Ruben Carter Rodney Coe
8 Randal Jette PHillip Ely
9 Clay Dawson Jarrell McKinney
10 Matt Weiser Nick Beamish