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Tuesday Night Lights: "30 for 30" documentaries need more #MACtion

103rd Grey Cup Championship Game Photo by Trevor Hagan/Getty Images

Just before the holiday weekend hits us, we’ve got the ninth installment of the Tuesday Night Lights for you.

First, there’s some banter over what some of our favorite sports movies are, briefing through some of the news that’s happened in the last couple of days, add minimal feedback to the most recent football scheduling article that we published on Sunday. Our main topic was inspired by "O.J.: Made in America": what would be some cool #MACtion-y documentaries that somebody oughta do?


  • Sports movies
  • Zurlon Tipton dies at 26
  • Miami, Buffalo unveil new football uniforms
  • Feedback on the football scheduling article from Sunday
  • You know what would be a cool documentary to watch?
  • Plugs before Swine

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