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Tuesday Night Lights: #HustleBag, first edition

Tuesday Night Lights, stream

Seems like a few of you asked us some some pretty solid football-slanted questions in our #HustleBag; sweet! Thanks to Jordan Rinard, Kaleb Carter and Tommyboy716 for your questions, so let's answer them:

  1. Jordan Rinard (my apologies on mispronouncing your name last week! -Alex) wants to know who has the best roster in the MAC East.
  2. Kaleb Carter brings the worst out of us, asking who our least-liked player in the MAC was while we attended college.
  3. Tommyboy716 took us to the batting cages, wondering what it'd take for Eastern Michigan to be a good program in the MAC, if at all.

Keep sending us some questions; we'll certainly have more episodes like these. There's also the option to e-mail us to submit questions, extend a comment, or just want to reach out to us at

ALSO, AN ANNOUNCEMENT: I hinted at it in this episode, but I've decided there's no need to wait for it. We've started up a Facebook group for the podcast. It will serve as a fun medium for MAC football fans can share ideas and thoughts about what's going on within the conference. Click here to join.