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Shuffle Belt

The official Hustle Belt community playlist, hosted by Spotify! Readers and staffers can submit songs throughout the season for inclusion.

Shuffle Belt: Week 5, 2019 “Short Week”

With only five games and six teams in play today, it’s kind off a strange playlist thi go-around.

Shuffle Belt: Week 4, 2019 “Hard Feelings”

The readers sent in a lot of similar-feeling tracks, and we followed their lead in this week’s playlist.

Shuffle Belt: 2019 Week 3 “Looking Forward”

The first #MACtion game of the season is played this Saturday. So how do our readers and staff feel about the upcoming conference season?

Shuffle Belt: 2019 Week 2 "How Do You Feel?"

Week 1's hype music was a rousing success. In Week 2, we hear how the audience feels about last week's games!