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Happy 13th Birthday, Hustle Belt!

Lucky number 13 is finally here. The going is getting tough, but the tough always get going, don’t they?

Want To Join Our Awesome Blog? Click This Then!

Are you a fan of the great little conference that produced MACtion, or maybe you just follow a specific MAC team or sport? We may have a spot for you here at Hustle Belt where we're looking to grow our pool of talented contributors.

Hustle Belt articles to feature on Mobile #MACtion phone app

Rejoice, dear readers: now we can send you push notifications!

Happy 12th Birthday, Hustle Belt!

HB is starting to hit adolescence, which is a weird thing to consider when your whole life has been online for millions of strangers to see.

Happy 10th Birthday, Hustle Belt

Our founder emeritus (aka Dad) emerges from the comfort of his new home to say a few kind words about his favorite brainchild.

Hustle Belt t-shirts are officially online!

Support the Best Little #MACtion Blog in the Midwest with these super comfortable, collaboratively-made t-shirts!

Guess what? We’ve got a podcast now!

By popular demand, the Belt is taking its first steps at establishing a podcast network to track the #MACtion.

Help Hustle Belt tailor its future coverage!

We’re looking to fly to new heights this offseason, and we’re asking for your help to do so.

The 2019 State of the Belt Address

We're grateful for the season to finally be underway, and can't wait to bask in it with you.

Happy 7th Birthday, Hustle Belt!

Kindergarten was a breeze! Can’t wait to learn about the rain cycle.

Mid-American Conference Sports Writers Wanted

We're looking to add more writers to strengthen our coverage of MACtion. Apply now!

My experience in Tuscaloosa: saissons, stadium sounds and strokes of heat

I got to experience the Elephant Stomp and school some fools in Mario Kart 8. It was great.

Yippee, we're six today! Happy birthday to us!

We've learned our ABC's and 123's, but the cursive part keeps catching us for a loop.

Alan Rucker begins as HB's manager on Saturday

He'll officially begin on Saturday the 16th; please give @AlanRucker & @OverThePylon a follow in the meanwhile!

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Check out Michigan Sports Today (1280 AM) on Fri.

We'll be previewing the MAC football season.

2015 National Championship Open Chat

Come chat about Duke and Wisconsin and start speculating about who will be good in the MAC next year because the #MACTION never stops.

2015 Final Four Open Chat

Will the Spartans be able to go full UConn? Can the Upset of the Century (of the decade) happen tonight? Will Duke do their classic Duke thing? Drop on by and find out!

This stream has:

SB 101 and the MAC

Indiana's passing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has a lot of people angry, and the world of sports has been affected by it. MAC commish Jon Steinbrecher made his stance known, but this is only the beginning.

Download & print your own 2015 NCAA bracket

You're welcome!

Join our Tourney Pick'em pool!

Think your bracket is better than ours? Prove it!



Featured Fanshot

Thank 1,002 of you for liking Hustle Belt on Facebook!

DH or no DH?

MAC baseball writers discuss the DH, our least favorite ballplayers and fan bases, and our go-to ballpark snacks.

Super Bowl & Puppy Bowl open chat



Hustle Belt's New Year's resolutions

Just because.

Happy holidays, Belters

MAC and Cheese: The Most #MACtion Meal Ever

We used ingredients based on every single MAC school to make dinner. Just wait'll you see how we shoehorned Ball State into this.

Featured Fanshot

Eastern Michigan wants its unofficial Facebook fan page's name to be changed, which is a problem

Because why do they want its name changed so badly all of a sudden? Jeremy from Eagle Totem takes a deeper look into the situation.

A Woman's Perspective on Life As a Sports Fan

At SB Nation, we've been discussing lately the role of women in sports, and the discrimination we face on sports sites. Now, we take an inside look at the discrimination happening off the sites and in our everyday life.


Food, football, and whatever else you do for Thanksgiving.

A Letter From The Editor

Thank you. Thank you, all.