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UMass Basketball Recruiting: Minutemen Offer Three 2015 Atlanta Sports Academy Recruits

Derek Kellogg has made his hay in the transfer market, but this week the UMass coach doled out a few offers to a few recruits in the class of 2015 from the same high school program.


Derek Kellogg is not a European soccer manager, but you would think so with the way he works the transfer market. Chaz Williams has blossomed into a bonafide star since joining the UMass Minutemen from Hofstra, Derek Gordon is expected to be an impact player this season after transferring from Western Kentucky, and Jabarie Hinds promises to be an important player after he sits out this season after coming from West Virginia.

That being said, Kellogg also has to get some players from the high school ranks. The UMass alum had himself a busy week this week, handing out offers to a trio of 2015 ballers. Dante Scott, Mohamed Touray and Abdul Shannun all received offers from the Minutemen between Saturday and Monday, according to reports from Alex Kline of Yahoo! Sports.

Touray is a 6-foot-4 shooting guard from New York who attends the Atlanta Sports Academy in, you guessed it, Atlanta. According to his Rivals profile, Touray also holds an offer from Seton Hall.

Scott is the most interesting of the trio of recruits since he is currently committed to Mississippi State as of June. 247sports has him as a consensus three-star shooting guard and at 6-foot-4 and 200 lbs., he has the body to compete right away.

Will Kellogg convince Scott to transfer his commitment to UMass? I wouldn't put anything past him.

Shanun is a power forward at 6-foot-8 but needs to fill out a bit more. He currently weighs in at 210 lbs. which is fine as a junior in high school, but before he arrives on any campus in the fall of 2015 he will need to add some weight to his frame.

All three players attend Atlanta Sports Academy which, according to its website, is a "rigorous post-graduate academic-athletic program for students who wish to continue their desire to earn a four-year scholarship at an accredited four year college."

Also worth pointing out is this little quote under sports they offer: "We currently offer three men's sports programs: football, basketball, lacrosse and baseball."

Well, if that's how things work down there then all of these two- and three-star recruits are really three- and four-star guys in disguise.

According to Verbal Commits, UMass has now offered 17 players in the 2015 class.