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VIDEO: UMass Basketball Presents: White Boy Water

The UMass men's basketball team is hysterical, obviously.

The UMass Minutemen are one of the hottest teams in the country and while they bring a mean game on the court, its clear that they are still just a group of dudes who like to have some fun. Need evidence? Please watch the video above.

This video features incredible acting performances by Tyler Bergantino and Seth Berger, as well as a Golden Globe-quality cameo from Chaz Williams as the Minutemen present the newest basketball drink: White Boy Water.

Berger and Bergantino haven't made huge impacts on the floor this year, but they just made my day/week/month with this one. My favorite part is either the infomercial-quality page at the end and Cady Lalanne not taking the top off the water bottle while pretending to drink from it. Truly top-drawer stuff on this one fellas.

Any questions about White Boy Water can be directed to Zach Coleman and Tyler Bergantino at 1-800-WHITE-NOW.

Hat tip goes to my good friend Terrence Payne for the find. Follow him on Twitter @terrence_payne.