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Win or lose: look good doing it.

Bowling Green, Toledo unveil new uniforms for 2019 season

The I-75 rivals battle with recent uniform releases.

Akron to wear "Flying A" throwback helmets for Homecoming game vs. Ball State

The reveal was part of Akron’s UNISWAG Snapchat takeover.

NIU debuts new alternate uniform ahead of game vs. Nebraska

The new duds were unveiled on social media late Wednesday night.

New Western Michigan uniforms leaked

Are the Broncos back in black and gold?

BGSU Introduces New Military Appreciation Lids for 2017

The new helmets honor 111 former Falcons who fell in the line of duty.

EMU to wear “Election Day” helmets for game vs. Ball State

The Eagles will be taking the patriotic theme in a different direction on Nov. 8.

Akron will be wearing fantastic throwback helmets this weekend

Well done, Zips.

The shirt that every Central Michigan Chippewas fan needs

Celebrate the Oklahoma State win in style

MAC Gems: All the game used swag

Be a real fan. Go buy this Mid-American Conference stuff on eBay.

Ball State Unveils New Helmets [VIDEO]

The helmet arms race continues

EMU to wear diamond plate in unis at The Factory

The Eagles have new treads to wear at their home games this season.

BGSU Honors Fallen Falcon Heroes With New Helmet

The Falcons have put a new and unique spin on a popular uniform trend.

Buffalo brings the #SWAGtion with new threads

UB follows Miami's lead and goes minimal for their new uniform set. Also, not one, but THREE new helmet designs.

Miami drops new uniforms for 2016

The RedHawks are going back to basic with their new threads.

5 MAC teams that need new uniforms

As much as we love everything about our teams, some of them could spruce things up a bit in the uniform department.

Featured Fanshot

Ball State Football debuts new "Stars and Stripes" Helmet

I know, I know, another patriotic helmet. But at look at this one. It's shiny. And glorious. I have no other words for it, to be honest. Except AMERICA.

BGSU unis named among worst in FBS by recruits

To be fair, in-state rival Ohio did get some votes too.

Featured Fanshot

Eastern Michigan's throwback uniforms in homage to their CWS teams

Once upon a time, Eastern Michigan made it to the College World Series finals and fell to Arizona. The Eagles already had the sexiest threads in the MAC this season (let alone their hats), but now they're just showing off.

Featured Fanshot

EMU baseball releases promo hats

Normally, I'm not a fan of the hats that have the mesh material on four of the six panels, but these are really cool-looking. The cartoon Swoop holding a bat on the left side is a fun addition. The newer baseball logo (cursive E) is absolutely beautiful. Such a great look.

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BGSU To Wear New Uni Combo Tonight in Detroit

BGSU is now 13-for-13 on different uniform combos in the 2015 season. Tonight, they're the road team, so they'll wear their white jersey and will pair it with their brown helmet, facemask and pants. They tried the heavy-brown look against Toledo, and it didn't work. Will things be different against NIU?

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Eastern Michigan football to wear #ChadTough stickers on helmets

Both Eastern Michigan and Central Michigan will be wearing #ChadTough stickers on their helmets today.

Featured Fanshot

Central Michigan football helmets include #ChadTough sticker

The #ChadTough story, by and large, had been an extremely sad story to hear around the nation, let alone the state of Michigan. Lloyd Carr's grandson died of brain cancer on November 23 after a 15-month battle. Click here for information on the Chad Carr Foundation.

Featured Fanshot

Akron Zips football helmets for the Wagon Wheel Rivalry is so crispy

Are these the best helmets that Akron has worn? Abso-friggen-loutely. If voted for president, I will make sure that Akron wears these for every game (basketball too, just 'cause) and then hire somebody else to figure out your taxes. Vote for me if you want to see these worn more frequently.

Featured Fanshot

BGSU Going Sans Helmet Stripe Tonight Against Ball State

Bowling Green was originally going to be full Stormtrooper tonight with an all-white uniform, but they've made a last minute audible to orange pants. It'll be their first game this year with the white-white-orange combo. But did you notice something about the helmet? You've got the metallic orange face mask and the side logos -- but no center stripe! It's the first time ever BGSU's done that.

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Northern Illinois Huskies football wearing all-back on Senior Night vs. Ohio

Going all-black with the uniforms has been done a thousand times before, but Northern Illinois knows how to make it look good. The seniors will play their last game at Huskie Stadium in all-black uniforms tomorrow night against the Ohio Bobcats.

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Massachusetts Minutemen to wear grey uniforms vs. Miami RedHawks

The Massachusetts Minutemen closes out their final home game in all grey uniforms (with their white helmets) today against the Miami RedHawks.

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BGSU Dressing For Battle Of I-75 In All Brown

The Falcons have 81 different possible combinations with their current set of uniforms, when you include their three different colors of helmet, face mask, jersey and pants. On Tuesday, they'll debut a never-before-seen combo by using brown for all four elements. It's a shame they don't have a Boise-esque all-brown field, because the look would really be complete.

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Northern Illinois Huskies football with Veterans Day helmets

Not many changes to their white road uniforms, but Northern Illinois is going to have an American flag touch to the helmets. They'll also have a patch on the uniforms which is honestly way cooler than going crazy with the jerseys.

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Toledo Rockets wearing all white uniforms vs. Central Michigan

White helmet (blue facemask), white jerseys and pants. That looks pretty cool under the lights and whatnot.

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Miami RedHawks football to wear American flag-themed helmets vs. Eastern Michigan

The Miami RedHawks will wear these American flag-inspired helmets and towels in their second-to-last home game against Eastern Michigan today.

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Kent State to give out "2045 National Champions" shirts for game vs. Buffalo

It might not be Back To The Future Week anymore, but don't tell Kent State that. The Flashes will be giving these shirts away to the first 250 students that walk through the gates of Dix Stadium. It's a bold move. Let's see if it works.

Featured Fanshot

Bowling Green breaking out new uniform combo for Ohio

One of the new elements of BGSU's uniform set for this season is their brown helmet. They wore it for their first two road games but not since. Tonight, they'll wear it at home for the first time and pair it with brown face masks, their orange jersey and brown pants. It's a sleek look. What do you think of BGSU embracing their school colors?