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Much Ado About MACtion: Episode 1 Recap

In case you missed out on the launch of our new Wednesday afternoon Facebook Live show, catch up here!

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WATCH: MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher give his State of the Conference at 2015 MAC Media Day

Dr. Jon Steinbrecher gives his 'State of the MAC' before the media members joined at MAC Media Day at Ford Field.

Can The Falcons Dodge Musketfire?

The Bowling Green Falcons travel to Amherst to face off against the Minutemen. Can the Falcons manage a road win, or will the Minutemen enjoy their homecoming?

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The Video That Hyped Akron Up For Its Rout of Howard

Our favorite MAC video production house released its first hype video of the 2014 season, and it doesn't disappoint. Thanks to @ZipsFBVideo we can see what Akron watched Wednesday before taking the field and rumbling to a 41-0 win over the Bison. I'm ready to go run through a wall. Are you?

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Bowling Green's Offense Is So Fast You'll Piss Yourself

Just watch it. I have nothing witty to add.

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Jordan Lynch in Nike Jordan Training Video.

Jordan Lynch appearing in a new Nike Jordan Training video. His supporting cast was made up of: Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas, Andre Johnson, Michael Crabtree, LaMarr Woodley, Hakeem Nicks, Dwight Freeney & Charles Woodson.

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Neil Everett Hates His Employer's Coverage of Bitsko's Passing

Good for you, Neil. It is absolutely a travesty that this got as little time as it did, and kudos to you for sticking up for that fact.

Huskies Unveil New All-Red, All-Black Unis

Matt Campbell Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

And calls out YaBoy!, Tim Beckman, and Dave Calwson.

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Get Ready For Akron Football

@ZipsFBVideo, our favorite football video department in the MAC, has produced an excellent video showcasing the hard work the Zips are putting in this fall. Akron, picked to finish second in the East, is a program on the rise, and focus and effort is the team's motto this preseason as it prepares for a season that it hopes will get them back into a bowl game for the first time in a year.

WATCH: The MAC Commish's 'State of the MAC' Speech

The high priest of MACtion (or as he's officially known, MAC Commissioner Dr. jon Steinbrecher) gave his annual ''State of the MAC'' address at 2014 MAC Media Day in Detroit. Everything from the unchanged state of the MAC's TV deal, to the commission

Tarell Basham Is Nightmare Fuel

WATCH: SB Nation's Live Pre & Post Draft Show

Join SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein, Matt Ufford, and a host of other experts, writers, and coaches as they break down the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft right before and right after the draft itself.

WATCH: Dri Archer Races An Average Joe, Sort Of

Dri Archer is fast. He's the second fastest NFL prospect, EVER. but is he faster than an average Joe and his mobile banking app?

WATCH: Terry Bowden Yodeling

Bowden and Akron AD Tom Wistrcill yodeling back and forth about...something.

WATCH: UMass Has Real Lockers Now!

UMass sophomore linebacker Jovan Santos-Knox takes viewers on a virtual tour of the still-to-be-completed performance center at McGuirk stadium.

WATCH: Ball State's "Can't Hold Us" Remix

Bonzi Wells and Charlie Cardinal together in a music video? It doesn't get better than this.

WATCH: WMU Surprises Walk-Ons With Scholarships

Four members of the Western Michigan Broncos football team were recently surprised to learn that they have now made the transition from walk-ons to athletes under scholarship.

WATCH: Where Will Khalil Mack Go In the Draft?

Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation Studios break down Mocking the Draft's latest Mock Draft in the latest episode of Future Consideration. Where does Khalil Mack wind up going here? How does Top 3 sound?

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UMass Basketball Spoofs 'Full House'

Tyler Bergantino is back with his friends from the UMass Minutemen basketball team as they spoof the opening of "Full House." Safe to say: Tyler Bergantino is the man.

WATCH: The MAC Tourney Is Heading to Cleveland

WATCH: Shannon Evens to Justin Moss Alley-Oop

Hot damn. That's how you bring the house down.

WATCH: Inside Akron FB's Mat Drills

Every wondered what All-MAC 1st team linebacker Jatavis Brown goes through in practice? Thanks to a helmet camera, now we know.

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2014 NFL Draft Scouting Profile: Khalil Mack

Buffalo's Khalil Mack is the most complete outside linebacker in the 2014 Draft. Could he be the next Von Miller?

WATCH: Ohio Football Recruit Shatters A Backboard

The Ohio football recruit may want to talk to the 'Cats basketball program about offering some muscle in the paint after assaulting a backboard in the final home game of his high school basketball career.

WATCH: Richaun Holmes' Thunderous Dunk vs Akron

Down early against Akron and needing a big play, Bowling Green's Richaun Holmes took a pass from Jehvon Clarke and threw down a vicious one-handed slam over the Zips' Pat Forsythe.

WATCH: Jon Smith Dunks At the Buzzer vs Miami

With less than two seconds on the shot-clock late in a close game vs. rival Miami, Ohio's Jon Smith threw down a vicious buzzer-beating dunk.

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Great UB Score...

WATCH: Toledo Is A Mid-Major To Keep Your Eye On

According to ESPNU the Toledo Rockets are one of two under-the-radar mid-majors to keep an eye on as we enter the second half of the regular season.

WATCH: Making Smoothies With Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman had a breakout season this year with the Patriots. Could his secret to success be his cake batter supreme smoothie?

WATCH: Juice Brown's Buzzer-Beater vs. Buffalo

Juice Brown is being celebrated in the Glass City after nailing this impressive buzzer-beater to seal the Rockets win over Buffalo Wednesday night.

WATCH: Glenn Bryant's Posterizing Dunk

EMU's Glenn Bryant went dunk city on a WMU freshman forward Tuesday night.