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WATCH: Kent State's Fat Man Touchdown Is Pure MACtion

While Tuesday's games might not have been the most competitive, you can't knock them for a lack of excitement. Take the Kent State - Ohio game for example. There were several SportsCenter Top 10-worthy highlights in the game, all from the Golden Flashes, including one of the greatest fat man touchdowns you'll ever see.

Trailing by 11 in the third quarter, Ohio forced a 4th and 3 from the Kent state 39, forcing the Golden Flashes to punt. But with how awful things had been going for the 'Cats, Kent state decided to gamble.

The Flashes lined up in a regular punt formation, but snapped the ball to 6-foot-4-inch junior defensive lineman Nate Terhune, who sprinted up the left sideline, hurdling over Ohio's Daz' Patterson, and rumbling 61-yards for one of the most #MACtion things ever.