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WATCH: Eastern Michigan's Glenn Bryant Posterize Western Michigan's Tucker Haymond

EMU's Glenn Bryant went dunk city on a WMU freshman forward Tuesday night.

The Eastern Michigan eagles beat rivals Western Michigan 56-37 in a defensive showdown Tuesday night. The Eagles zone defense proved to be too much for the red hot Broncos to handle, and the Eagles combined for six blocks on the night while holding WMU to 29 percent from the field.

But as unattractive as the game might have been there was one play worth of SportsCenter Top 10 consideration.

Midway through the first half EMU forward Glenn Bryant intercepted a pass and sprinted down the court. He look off from just outside the key slamming down a vicious dunk in the face of WMU freshman forward Tucker Haymond.

It was nasty. Violent. Amazing.

Words don't do it justice. Just watch it for yourself and get the thumbtacks out. It's poster hanging time.