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Ohio Football Recruit Connor Brown Shattered A Backboard On Senior Night

The Ohio football recruit may want to talk to the 'Cats basketball program about offering some muscle in the paint after assaulting a backboard in the final home game of his high school basketball career.

Jim Christian may want to reach out to fellow Ohio coach Frank Solich about possibly using the services of one of the football coach's latest recruits, on the hardwood.

Connor Brown, a 6'6'', 250 pound tight end/offensive line recruit in Solich's 2014 football recruiting class, is also a senior on Miamisburg High School's basketball team. Tuesday night, in his final home appearance of his prep career Brown put together an evening he's sure to never forget.

He scored 39 points, surpassing the 1,000-point mark in Miamisburg's 80-61 win over rival Lebanon High School on Senior Nigh. But as great as all of that sounds, the real reason he will remember his final home game as a high school basketball player is because of what he did in the final minutes of the game.

Standing at the line, Brwon threw up a free throw shot that bounced off the rim. Before anyone else could react, Brown leapt forward, snagged the rebound and threw down with a violent two-handed dunk that shattered the backboard. Understandably so, the crowd went nuts as play stopped and everyone tried to figure out what to do.

In the end the game went on, playing out the final 4:31 of the game in an auxiliary gym.

Here's another look at the dunk:

(h/t Zac Jackson)