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WATCH: Inside Akron's Mat Drills With Zips' All-MAC Linebacker Jatavis Brown

Hope you didn't just eat, because this is going to make you queasy.

Every wondered what it was like to go through some of the intense drills college football players work through on an almost daily basis? Of course you did. What coach warrior hasn't dreamed of being a college football player?

Thanks to the Akron Zips Football Video team we've been given an inside look at what it's like to go through the Mat Drills. Using a GoPro camera All-MAC linebacker Jatavis Brown gives us a first-hand look at what it's like to work through those drills (and why we're all wimps). It's fast-paced, hectic as all hell, and fun to watch. Brown's energetic shrieks are heir to remind you how difficult these drills are, just in case the footage isn't quite doing it for you.

(h/t @ZipsFBVideo)