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Inadvertent Twitter therapy: Dealing with a big WMU defeat

Social media can be a good thing for both serious issues (e.g. commentary on social justice) and goofy stuff (like making fun of your friends). It also turns out it can be a forum for accidentally working out your feelings about a college basketball game. Follow us on this journey, won't you?

WMU's Tucker Haymond
WMU's Tucker Haymond
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

I did a bit of live-tweeting about the WMU-Akron basketball game from this past Tuesday, in which Western got absolutely walloped by the Zips. A buddy of mine - who had no real interest in the game - wasn't satisfied with my 23 WMU-Akron in-game tweets. He wanted more! So I indulged in a fifteen minute tweet session that actually ended up summarizing my feelings about the game as a Western fan. It felt good. Let's talk about 'em!

Several times over the course of the game we saw Brown make a nice penetrating drive only to miss the close-range shot. He wasn't the only to do this actually, as Connar Tava had this happen as well. Have to improve that side of the offense moving forward.

The freshman center has done a pretty good job defensively, but we have seen next to nothing on offense. He's a big kid who just has to find some confidence out there. Having a scoring threat down low is going to be critical this year.

I like both these guys, like, a whole bunch. They just seem to have boundless energy on the court. Solid to have role players like this.

Brown is still scoring 13.8 points per game for the team, which is second best. So I'm really not trying to be that hard on him. But he has seemed lost at times and I think it's just his pure talent that allows him to put up those numbers. Maybe not having Shayne Whittington around has thrown him off a bit? He's doing fine, but it was a weird part of that puzzle of a loss on Tuesday.

Maybe losing Whittington down low is going to be worse than I thought...


Awesome to see. Yay for the few positives from the game!

Like I said, not a Brown hater. The guy IS Bronco basketball and we love him here at Hustlebelt.

Seriously. Eighteen of fifty-one. UGGGHHHHHHHH.

And another positive! Well not from the this game in particular, but McCormick has been consistent leading up to this one.

If we've learned anything so far this year, it's that the MAC is effing going to be effing tough. Make some adjustments, beat Buffalo on Saturday, and set the ship right. Go Broncos, y'all.