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#BeatCentral: Your guide to hating everything about that awful team

Central Michigan University is awful. Mt Pleasant is awful. Hell, ISABELLA COUNTY IS AWFUL. And you should join the #BeatCentral movement

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

#BeatCentral, because they blow.

Central Michigan is so bad that DAN FRIGGIN ENOS thought he was too good for them after five years, and bolted for a lesser job.  What's more is he does it two weeks before signing day.  LOLOLOLOLOL

#BeatCentral, because their university sucks.

No parking? Check.
No hills? Check.  
One way streets? DOUBLE CHECK.

Seriously, how do you function?  The Towers?  Are you kidding?  DON'T YOU PEOPLE WANT FREEDOM?  DON'T YOU PEOPLE WANT DIVERSITY?  At least The Valleys are broken up.  Plus, hills are good for you.  That's a fact.

#BeatCentral, because Mt. Pleasant has the most mis-leading name in Michigan, and that includes Hell.

It's unpleasant.  So, very very very unpleasant.  To get there, you drive through what seems like hours of fields and farmland.  Then, you get there, AND THERE'S NOTHING THERE!  Sure, they have all the "normal" things that make a "city" a city (McDonalds, Subway, Bigby), but WHERE'S THE BARS?  WHERE'S THE ENTERTAINMENT?  What the hell do you people do with your lives up there?

#BeatCentral, because that whole area is terrible.

This is nothing personal against the folks of the upper half of our state, but we all know that they're practically the Yoopers of our state, since the U.P. is a whole 'nother country.  Even ask our very own Jimmy, there's nothing to do up there but drink.  Literally.  Snowed in, and drunk.  Like a mini-Alaska.

#BeatCentral, because we own their ass.

You win one in your opponents' house, you might've got lucky.  You win two, you start to own the place.  The Broncos have won 3 of the last 4 meetings in this series.  Including the 2012 stunner in Mt. Pleasant where TVT went OFF on some Chippewa losers.  (If only Bill Cubit hadn't switched QBs....)

And it's a long time ownership.  WMU destroyed the Chippewas in their first 27 games, winning 24 of them and drawing a game in 1925 (one of two ties in the series, the other being in Mt. Pleasant).  We defend our turf.  That loss two years ago meant nothing to that team that was so utterly broken.

#BeatCentral, because it's time to prove this team is real.

WMU is currently 5th in the Power Rankings.  You know why?  Because people haven't seen this team truly play.  They shined against Michigan State, they held their own in the trenches with Ohio State, they knocked Murray State around.  Yeah, they flopped against Georgia Southern, but that's not a bad team.  At all.  They have losses, but are still breaking in this defense.

This bye week was to regroup and prepare to power through this conference schedule.  Now you knock off Central, and spark a powder keg in the marathon that is the MAC West.

#BeatCentral, now and forever.

Fire Up?  That's a lame ass chant.  Fight On?  That's a damn call to arms.  And yes, it is Fight On.  Don't you ever forget it because after Fleck and "RTB" are gone, there will always be Fight On.

#BeatCentral and #FightOn