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Broncos Coach PJ Fleck Has A Full Glass Despite 0-4 Start

Western Michigan University coach PJ Fleck leads the conference in slogans, mantra's, symbols and... 'er losses.

Donald Celiscar (pictured here against Northwestern) is questionable for Saturday's game vs. Kent State
Donald Celiscar (pictured here against Northwestern) is questionable for Saturday's game vs. Kent State
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

KALAMAZOO -- Western Michigan University Head Football Coach PJ Fleck walks into the room with the gathered press waiting to hear just how he is going to put lipstick on this pig that is the Broncos 0-4 start. But in true PJ fashion, he bounces from table to table, shaking every single person's hand disarming them one by one with his toothy smile. He is genuinely happy to be here and to be talking about his winless squad. "I am the happiest 0-4 coach in the country," He exclaims as he settles in behind the microphones.

Then he casually slides his right arm forward baring his right wrist for all to see. The large bright white cotton wrist band looks out of place with the rest of the suit which may have come from Brooks Brothers for all I know. He waggles his right wrist to draw attention to his latest gimmick...the "Clean Slate" wrist band. "This represents where we are at today. All the players have one on their right wrist to remind them that the non-conference part of the schedule is behind us and we start a new season this week with a clean slate," Fleck explained.

But even with a clean slate, injuries linger. Freshman receiver Corey Davis, junior cornerback Donald Celiscar and redshirt freshman defensive lineman Mikhail Dubose are all listed as questionable for the Broncos who Fleck said were "pretty banged up as a team".

When asked if their were any issues, injury or otherwise, with fifth year senior quarterback Tyler VanTubergen . Fleck responded, "No TVT is our quarterback, but he was getting knocked around pretty good back there by the Iowa defense --he was on his back nine times and we were way down at the half so we put Zach (Terrell) in there to give him some game experience."

Western Michigan will honor it's 1988 MAC championship team with a weekend long 25 year reunion. That team was the last to bring home a MAC football championship to Kalamazoo.